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Video of the Hilti TE-3000 in Action!



1 Day: £27.20 Extra Day: £10.20 Week: £68.00

Hilti Breaker HireHilti Te 3000

Hilti TE 3000 Breaker 110V

- Power input: 1760W
- 110v for added safety, transformer can be supplied if required
- Awesome hammering impact energy of 68 joules 
- Impressive breaking performance - up to 6 tons of concrete per hour 
- Minimal vibration - less than 7m/s², i.e. over 4 hours permissible trigger time 
- Versatile, easy to operate, easy to transport and ready for use in minutes 
- Heavy demolition of concrete at floor or ground level 
- Breaking up asphalt in road building, road repair and pipe laying work 
- Demolition in situations where use of a compressor and air tools is not practical



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