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Plant and Tool Hire Bookings and Transport


bookingBookings & Reservations

If you would like to hire any of our plant or tools, you can simply call into our depot or if you telephone ahead we would be happy to reserve an item for you. If you have not hired from us before please make sure you read our TERMS & CONDITIONS. You can then fill in the form at the bottom of this page which will save time when you arrive. We would also ask you to bring along identification and proof of address (eg Driving License accompanied by a utility bill).


lorryDelivery and Transport

We are more than happy to deliver any of our equipment to your location. Transport charges vary depending on the piece of equipment you require and where it needs to be delivered to. A typical charge for delivering something on our lorry might be £25 + VAT each way but the cost could be more or less than this so please call us for a quote.

You can also hire our lorry with driver to transport your own equipment. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your transport requirements.




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