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Repairs and Servicing


We repair and service all kinds of tools and machinery including mowers, strimers, compressors and much more. A Price List can be found below but the equipment we service is not limited to this list. If you can't find the information you require then please Contact Us for a quote.


serviceLawn Mower Service

Basic engine maintenance of your lawn mower is essential to keep your garden in good shape. You can help keep your mower in good shape by always using the fuel and oil recommended by the engine manufacturer. Check the oil level on the dip stick before each use and top up if necessary.

tips Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Have your mower serviced annually at the end of the season. If you wait until Spring we will be very busy and you may have to wait some time before we can service your mower.


What's Included in your Petrol Mower Service?

At Kinch Plant Hire all of our mower services include the following as stardard.

  • Renew engine oil.
  • Check condition of fuel.
  • Check condition of spark plug.
  • Check condition of air filter.
  • Check the tightness of all nuts, bolts & screws on engine, handles, chassis & blade.
  • Check wheels for security and wear.
  • Check drive mechanism, clear accumulated grass/debris, check condition of drive belt.
  • Check the drive and control cables for condition and ensure correct adjustment.
  • Sharpen the cutting blade.
  • Clean the underside of the mower.
  • Clean the grass collector to ensure good air flow.

Full Service £54.00
Special Early Season price £49.00 Including VAT.


blade sharpening


Mower Blade Sharpening

Don't need a full service? Just need the blade sharpened? No problem - We can usually do this while you wait for a minimal charge of £10.00 Including VAT.




Service price list

Service Prices Include VAT

Shears – sharpening (long or short handle) - £6.00 each

Electric mowers – full service including labour - Service £24.95
Service includes sharpening of blade, cleaning filters/motor, checking electrical cables/switches including PAT testing and cleaning machine.

Petrol hedge cutters or strimmers - Service £24.95
Includes clean carburettor/air filter, spark plug, fuel filter, grease shaft/box, check bearings.

Petrol mowers – full service inc labour - *Special Service Price* £49.00
Includes changing oil, spark plug, clean or replace air filter, sharpen blade, cleaning carburettor, checking belts/cables, further details at top of this page.

RotavatorsService £24.95
Service includes changing oil, spark plug, clean or replace air filter, check belts/cables, pressure wash.

Petrol Disc Cutters Service £29.95
Service includes changing spark plug/fuel filter/air filter, check drive belts and pull rope, clean carburettor.

GeneratorsService £29.95
Service includes changing oil/spark plug/air filter, check pull rope, clean carburettor, check electrical outputs.

Compactor PlatesService £34.95
Service includes changing oil/spark plug/air filter, check pull rope, clean carburettor, check drive belts and engine mountings.

Hydraulic BreakersService £34.95 (Hydraulic power pack only)
Service includes changing oil/spark plug/air filter, check pull rope, clean carburettor,
check/change hydraulic oil, check hydraulic output.

starter cord


Starter Cord Repair

We can repair and replace pull starter cords very cheaply or we can supply the cord for a couple of pounds for you to do the repair yourself.




Engine & Hydraulic Oil

We also supply engine oils and hydraulic oil in any quantitly from 1 litre upwards. For best prices bring your own empty container for us to fill.