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Digger Hire in Faringdon, Swindon
Dumper Hire in Faringdon, Swindon
Compressor, Breaker Hire in Faringdon, Swindon
Roller, VIB hire in Faringdon, Swindon
Mower, Strimmer, Brush Cutter, Shredder Hire in Faringdon, Swindon
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Pressure washer, Pump hire in Faringdon, Swindon
Concrete Mixer Hire, Cutter, Angle Grinder Hire in Faringdon, Swindon
Heater and Dehumidifier hire in Faringdon, Swindon, Oxford
Saw, Hilti, Sander hire in Faringdon, Swindon, Oxford
Ladder, Prop, Strong Boy Hire in Faringdon, Swindon, Oxford

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For all your plant and tool hire needs, whether working on a large building site or simply in the garden at home please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Whether you need a digger in Swindon, a dumper in Faringdon, ladder in Wantage, Compressor in Lechlade, concrete mixer in Cirencester or a shredder in Oxford we can help.

Peter Kinch Plant Hire Ltd.,
8 Old Saw Mills Road,
Park Road Industrial Estate,
SN7 7DS.

We can be found at the end of Old Sawmills Road, just past Screwfix, next to the hand car wash.

Tel: (01367) 240 402.
E-mail: enquiries@kinchplanthire.co.uk


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Office Hours: Monday to Friday 07:30-17:00

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