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Compressor & Breaker Hire

At Kinch Hire we offer a range of Compressors and Breakers/Kangos for Hire in the Oxford, Swindon, Witney, Wantage, and Faringdon areas. Our breaking equipment is ideal for heavy duty construction and demolition work, with hydraulic, air and electric models being available. We also stock a range of quality Hilti drilling equipment. If you can't find what you're looking to hire please contact us as we may still be able to help.

  1 Day Extra Day Week
Compressor - 130CFM - Diesel Engine £40.00 £15.00 £100.00
Hilti TE 2000&3000 Large Electric BreakersNew £27.20 £10.20 £68.00
Hydraulic Breaker with Petrol Power Pack £27.20 £10.20 £68.00
Hilti Electric Drills / Breakers - Various (Small/Medium) £16.00 £6.00 £40.00
Breaker for 2.0T & 2.8T Excavator £74.00 £27.75 £185.00
Breaker for 1.5T Excavator £66.00 £24.75 £165.00
Extra Wide Floor Scraper/Tile Lifter Chisel £10.00 £3.75 £25.00

All Prices Exclude VAT



1 Day: £40.00 Extra Day: £15.00 Week: £100.00

130CFM Compressor

Ideal for countless applications, including general construction, sandblasting, pneumatic tool operation, pipeline testing, blowing out combines and farm machinery.



1 Day: £27.20 Extra Day: £10.20 Week: £68.00

Hilti Breaker HireHilti Te 3000

Hilti TE2000 & TE3000 Breakers 110V

- Power input: 1760W
- 110v for added safety, transformer can be supplied if required
- Awesome hammering impact energy of 68 joules 
- Impressive breaking performance - up to 6 tons of concrete per hour 
- Minimal vibration - less than 7m/s², i.e. over 4 hours permissible trigger time 
- Versatile, easy to operate, easy to transport and ready for use in minutes 
- Heavy demolition of concrete at floor or ground level 
- Breaking up asphalt in road building, road repair and pipe laying work 
- Demolition in situations where use of a compressor and air tools is not practical

Click Here to See a Video of The Hilti TE-3000in Action!




1 Day: £27.20 Extra Day: £10.20 Week: £68.00

Hydraulic Breaker

Heavy duty Atlas Copco hydraulic breaker with petrol power pack. This medium weight, multipurpose breaker is among the best general purpose breakers available in the 22-28 kg range. It is commonly used with 5" asphalt chisels for road building maintenance applications, but also work well in brickwork, frozen soil and concrete.

The 9HP Atlas Copco power packs can be used virtually anywhere: fitted with wheels and handles, they are easy to manoeuvre around building sites. They are easy to start and the noise level is low. They are also lightweight enough that two people can lift one up and fit it in the back of a van. Equipped with Power On Demand (POD); The hydraulic regulatory system automatically idles the engine when the tool is not being used and speeds it up when the tool is activated. Vibration: 7m/s2. Sound Level: 107 dB.



1 Day: £16.00 Extra Day: £6.00 Week: £40.00

Hilti TE 15-C Drill/Breaker

Powerful drilling and light-duty chiselling. Drilling anchor holes in concrete, stone and masonry. Light-duty chiselling, corrective work on masonry and concrete, gouging and pointing for electrical installations, pipefitting etc.


Technical data:
Power input: 710 W
Speed under load: 0–730 r.p.m.
Hammering speed under load: 0-3850 blows/min.
Single impact energy: 2.2 joules
Dimensions: 350 x 190 x 90 mm
Machine weight: 3.95 kg
Vibration: 8 m/s2. Sound Level: 100 dB.


1 Day: £16.00 Extra Day: £6.00 Week: £40.00



Hilti TE 25 Hammer Drill

Powerful hammer drilling. Drilling anchor holes in concrete, stone and masonry.



Technical data:
Input power: 830 W
Machine weight: 4,9 kg
Speed under load: 1st speed 0–310 r.p.m. 2nd speed 0–640 r.p.m.
Hammering under load: 0–3720 blows/min.
Single impact energy: 3.8 Joule
Drill bits for concrete: 5–38.5 mm dia.
Recommended diameter range: 12–20 mm dia.
Chuck type: TE-C
Variable speed control switch
Ajustable side handle with depth gauge.
Vibration: 11m/s2. Sound Level: 89dB.


1 Day: £16.00 Extra Day: £6.00 Week: £40.00

hiltiHilti TE 80 ATC Drill/Breaker

Best performance-to-weight ratio in the 10 kg class
Unequalled 360 r.p.m. drilling speed for maximum performance in repetitive drilling applications.
Optimized safety clutch. Center of gravity close to the grip for excellent balance and handling.

Hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone in the 22 to 150 mm diameter range. Drilling through-holes up to 150 mm diameter in concrete and masonry. Heavy chiselling using pointed, flat, wide-flat and mortar or bushing tools. Drilling with high torque in wood and steel. Vibration 18/22m/s2.

1 Day: £16.00 Extra Day: £6.00 Week: £40.00

hiltiHilti TE 905 Breaker

1600 W, 12.3 kg with AVR. Smoother starting for greater chiseling precision. High performance and reliability. Ideal for breaching and demolition work on Concrete, Masonry, Stone and Asphalt. Vibration: 8.5 m/s2.


1 Day: £16.00 Extra Day: £6.00 Week: £40.00

hiltiHilti TE 1000 Breaker

Demolishing concrete and masonry at floor level or below waist level, Corrective chiselling such as adjustments to door and window openings, Removing tiles, bushing and compacting, Renovating floors of all kinds.
Vibration: 6.5 m/s2. Sound Level: 87dB

1 Day: £4.00 Extra Day: £1.50 Week: £10.00

hiltiHilti Dust RemovaL system

Fits Hilti TE80, TE905 and TE1000 (above). Attach a vacuum to this unit for virtually dust free drilling or breaking. Click here to see our vaccums.




tipsNot sure which breaker or drill you need? Our staff will be happy to advise, just give us a call.



1 Day:
1.5T £66.00,
2T/2.8T £74.00
Extra Day:
1.5T £24.75, 2T/2.8T £27.75
1.5T £165.00, 2T/2.8T £185.00

Breakers for Diggers/Excavators

Most of our excavators are available with the option to hire a hydraulic breaker.



1 Day: £10.00 Extra Day: £3.75 Week: £25.00

Extra Wide Floor Scraper Chisel

Tearing up lyno and tiles has never been easier. The flexible blade gets underneath the lyno, cork or tiles and pops them up in big sections, cutting your job time into a fraction of trying to do the job without it. Fits SDS MAX Chuck.



safetyAt Kinch Plant Hire we supply and maintain a modern, innovative fleet of hire tools and equipment, we ensure that our customers can hire the safest, most productive tools for every trade.