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***NEW*** Towable Chipper - £250+VAT Per Week


35HP Diesel Engine
Autofeed Hydraulic Rollers
6.3"/160mm infeed diameter
5.45 tonnes per hour
749kgs Gross Weight


Weekend Logging Hire Package - £55+VAT

log splitterchain saw

Petrol or Electric Chainsaw.
Electric 5T Log Splitter.
Saw Horse.
Safety Kit.



trade and DIY

Trade and DIY Customers Welcome

We have been serving both the Trade and DIY sectors since the company was founded in the 1960's. Our friedly team are happy to provide advice as to which tools might be best suited to your intended task and we are happy to provide demonstrations and instructions for any of our products.


flo gas

Bottled Gas

We can supply both new and refill gas for BBQ's, Patio Heaters, Space Heaters and Plant use. Click Here for prices.



red diesel


Red Diesel Sales

Please call for current price.




Whether you need a digger in Swindon, a dumper in Faringdon, ladder in Wantage, Compressor in Lechlade, concrete mixer in Cirencester or a shredder in Oxford we can help. We hire for landscaping, groundwork, garden maintenance, building work etc.


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