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faqKinch Plant Hire have an extensive range of machines, and attachments available for hire.  All of our machines are fully serviced. This section details a list of the most commonly asked questions from customers when hiring from us. We hope you find this information useful, however, if there is something not listed here that you wish to ask then please e-mail us or give us a call on 01367 240 402.


Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We generally cover the area of Oxford, Swindon, Lechlade, Cirencester, Wantage and surounding areas with all of our plant. In certain cases we do go beyond these boundaries.


trainingQ. Do you demonstrate equipment?

A. We can provide a full demonstration before hiring, pointing out all safety features, advising on safe operation and making sure you are fully confident in operating the equipment prior to use. It is however the customer's responsibility to ensure that the user/operator of any equipment is competent. All of our machines are hired on a self-drive basis. Only on very rare occations or special circumstances do we provide an operative with a machine.


Q. Will the plant I'm hiring be in good working order?

A. Yes, all our machinery is fully tested and certified to the standards required.  Furthermore, our plant is serviced on a regular basis.


repairQ. What happens if a machine breaks down?

A. In rare cases when our machinery does break down we will have a mechanic out to inspect it as soon as possible. If the machine is repairable on site then we will do so at minimal inconvenience.  If the machine cannot be repaired on site then we will do our best to replace it the same day.


Q. I'm not happy with aspects of the hire, what should I do?

A. Unfortunately, on very rare occasions problems can arise. We do not wish to leave our customers feeling dissapointed and we will endeavour to reach a resolution as quickly as possible. It is important that any problems encountered are notified to us at the time they occurred. 


unsureQ. I want to hire plant or tools, but I'm not sure what I need?

A. Our office staff are on hand to offer impartial advice. Regardless of whether or not you hire from us, we're happy to give advice on different types of plant, tools and equipment. With competitive rates and great customer service, we're the perfect company to hire from.


Q. What are your hire rates?

A. All of our equipment is available for short and long term hire. After you have had the first day's hire any additional days are substantially discounted so there are no huge hire bills to worry about if your job overruns. You will find hire rates for our full range of tools and machines on our website, simply scroll to the top of the page and select a category to locate the tool or plant you are looking to hire.


paymentQ. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We deal with both trade and DIY customers and we accept cash or card payment in our office or card over the phone. We do however urge trade customers to set up an account with us. Payment terms are usually 30 days from the date of invoice, most credit accounts we provide have adequate credit limits. Any work that doesn't go on account will be liable for payment at the time of hire.


Q. Can you give me specifications for your equipment?

A.  Yes, simply scroll to the top of the page and select a category to locate the tool or plant you are looking to hire and you will find a full specification for most items. If you can't find the information you require just call us on 01367 240402 and we would be more than happy to help.


idDo I need Identification and a deposit to hire equipment? 

A. Customers who do not have an Credit Account with us will need to provide two forms of identification such as a driving license and bank statement.




If I book an item and then cancel do I have to pay anything? 

A. In most circumstances there is no cancellation charge. If you decide not to hire the item for any reason please try and give as much notice as you can.




Do I have to collect the item myself? 

A. You can either collect the item from our depot or we can arrange delivery/collection to/from your door at a time suitable to you (extra charges apply for delivery/collection). Please contact us for more details.

Who is responsible for keeping equipment safe whilst on hire? 

A. You are fully responsible for the safe keeping of the plant whilst on hire. Check with your insurer that you have adequate insurance cover for the item of plant prior to hiring. We can assist in providing any information your insurer may request.