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DIY Customers

trainingDemonstration and Handover

All of our equipment is available to hire on a DIY basis. If you're not sure which tool or machine you need our friendly staff will be happy to advise you as well as providing instruction and a demonstration on how to safely operate the equipment. It is however the customer's responsibility to ensure that the user/operator of any equipment is competent.


Kinch Plant and Tool Hire is based in Faringdon with delivery options to Swindon, Oxford, Cirencester, Lechlade, Wantage and many other locations. Our extensive range of tools includes cement mixers to floor sanders, site equipment and plant hire to power and electric tools. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Whether you need a digger in Swindon, a dumper in Faringdon, ladder in Wantage, Compressor in Lechlade, concrete mixer in Cirencester or a shredder in Oxford we can help.

For more information simply give us a call or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


Tips and Guides


sanderFloor Sanding

Underneath the carpet, there's often a beautiful wooden floor waiting to be revealed. Check out our comprehensive guide to
Sanding & Varnishing a Floor.
For Sanding Tools & Equipment Hire see our Electrical Tools Page.



Mixing Concrete

Never mixed concrete yourself before? No problem, we've created a
Simple Guide to Mixing Concrete to get you going.
For Concrete Mixer Hire & Related Equipment see our Concrete Page.



Tree Stump Removal

Never used a stump grinder before? - No Problem. Although this is a loud, powerful machine it's actually surprisingly simple to operate. We've created a great Guide to Stump Grinding with step by step instructions. For Stump Grinder Hire Please see our Garden Tool Page.


sweepChimney Sweeping

No need for a chimney sweep, with our brush set you can do the job yourself in no time. Have a look at our DIY Chimney Sweeping Guide. For Chimney Brush Hire Please see our Miscellaneous Tool Hire Page.



Top Tips For Wallpaper Stripping

A steamer is a great way to strip wallpaper. When stripping walls with a steamer, you fill the steamer’s boiler canister with water and wait for the water to boil. You can then use the steamer hose to direct jets of steam at the seams wallpaperof the wallpaper. The older the wallpaper, the tougher the bond between the wallpaper paste and the wall will be. Use a scraper to lift the edges of the wallpaper away from the wall, allowing the steam to penetrate. The hot vapour moistens and softens the old wallpaper paste, and you can use the scraper to strip the old wallpaper from the wall. Our staff are always on hand to provide further advice if required. For Wallpaper Stripper Hire please see our Electrical Tools Page.


turf cutterTop tips for Turf Cutting

Stripping a lawn is hard work and the best option is to hire a turf cutter to perform the job with ease. Mowing the lawn beforehand will reduce the volume of material requiring rolling and lifting. Cut the strips of turf in one metre or less lengths, roll up and dispose of. A bit like turfing in reverse. Always cut some headlands around the edges of the lawn first so that you do not end up working in the flower border. Our staff are always on hand to offer advice if needed. For Turf Cutter Hire please see our Garden Tool Page.


garden rollerLawn Seeding and Mowing Tips

A lawn roller is commonly used when seeding a new lawn. Prior to laying seed, use the roller to flatten the ground and smooth out areas. After seeding, use a light, empty roller to set the seed in place. A roller can also be used for rolling an established lawn prior to mowing which will help with getting an even cut with a lawnmower.

tipsPrior to rolling the area, remove all rocks, twigs and debris from the area. Large bumps should be dug smooth for best results. Prior to seeding or laying sod, the ground may need to be rolled several times to make it smooth. For Garden Roller or Mower Hire please see our Garden Tool Page.


splitterPatio Slab and Block Splitting/Cutting

If you have patio slabs or concrete blocks that need cutting or splitting we are more than happy to do this for you at a cost of £2.50+VAT per cut. Alternatively if you would prefur to do it yourself bock cuttingplease see the Concrete Mixing & Finishing Page where you will find block splitters and disc cutters for hire. The table below offers some tips and advice on various ways to cut or split different types of paving and blocks. Our recommeded method for each can be seen by this symbol: preferred option


Type of Paving Hand Tools Hilti or Stihl Saws Block Splitters
Pressed concrete flags Can look less than tidy Fast, neat cuts. Some cuts will still need to be hand trimmed

preferred option

Only really suitable for small element paving.
Wet Cast flags Tends to be unsuccessful due to the material characteristics of the units Fast, neat cuts. Some cuts will still need to be hand trimmed

preferred option

Not usually suitable for the same reasons as given for hand tools
Natural stone Usually fine, but can be strenuous with harder stone. Gives a traditional quarry-fettled look
preferred option
Fast and neat - can look out of place with reclaimed materials where a hand-tooled finish looks more natural
Ok, depending on size and type of stone.
Concrete Block Pavers Ok, but splitters are faster Fast, neat cuts, but a lot of dust is generated Simple, fast, accurate and fairly clean
preferred option
Clay pavers Ok, but splitters are faster Fast, neat cuts, but a lot of dust is generated, so use suppression.
preferred option
Simple, fast, accurate and fairly clean.


wet and dryCleaning Your Home After Flooding

Water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage. If you’re able to act quickly, you can minimize the damage and possibly save some of your possessions. Click Here for our Tips on cleaning up after flooding.


safetyFor information on the safe operation of excavators from HSE please Click Here or contact us for more information.


safetyFor information on the safe operation of dumpers from HSE please Click Here or contact us for more information.


Want to see more guides and tips here? E-mail us and let us know what you think is missing!