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Roller & Compactor Hire

Kinch Hire offer a range of Compactors, Rammer Compactors and Rollers for hire from hand guided up to 120cm drum width ride on rollers in the Oxford, Swindon, Wantage, Cirencester, Lechlade and Faringdon area. If you can't find what you're looking to hire please contact us as we may still be able to help.

Hire Rates 1 Day Extra Day Week
71 Single Drum Roller £24.00 £9.00 £60.00
80 Ride on VIB Roller £54.00 £20.25 £135.00
120 Ride on VIB Roller £64.00 £24.00 £160.00
Compactor £20.00 £7.50 £50.00
Rammer Compactor £24.00 £9.00 £60.00
Garden Roller £8.00 £3.00 £20.00

All prices Exclude VAT.



1 Day: £24.00 Extra Day: £9.00 Week: £60.00

71 Single Drum Roller, 466Kgs

New construction and repairs of sidewalks, hard shoulders, cycle paths, yards and drive ways, childrens playgrounds, tennis and sports grounds as well as agricultural and forestry road construction. Operating width: 710mm. Vibration: 3.9 m/s2. Sound Level 90dB.



1 Day: £4.00 Extra Day: £1.50 Week: £10.00



Trailer for above roller

Single axle un-braked trailer for 71 Signle Drum Hand Guided Roller. Fitted with Pin type hitch.




1 Day: £54.00 Extra Day: £20.25 Week: £135.00

80 Ride on VIBrating Roller,

Compaction of asphalt layers and wear courses on small and confined construction projects.
Operating width: 800mm.
Vibration levels: hand/arm - less than 2.5m/s², whole body - 0.6m/s². Sound Level: 101 dB.




1 Day: £64.00 Extra Day: £24.00 Week: £160.00

120 Ride on VIBrating Roller, 2700Kgs

Earthwork and asphalt applications. New construction and repair work for medium scale construction projects, on parking lots, sidewalks, cycle paths, playing fields and sports grounds as well as rolling of joints in road construction. Operating width: 1200mm.



1 Day: £20.00 Extra Day: £7.50 Week: £50.00


Ideal for compacting all bituminous materials, tarmac, sands, gravels, block-brick paving etc. Available with either 14" or 18" plates. Vibration: 5.3 m/s2.




1 Day: £24.00 Extra Day: £9.00 Week: £60.00

Rammer Compactor

For compaction of cohesive, granular and mixed soils. Ideal for trenches, roads, driveways and paths. Suitable for backfill work, around obstacles and patching work. Vibration: 4.9 m/s2. Sound Level 91dB.



1 Day: £8.00 Extra Day: £3.00 Week: £20.00

Heavy Duty Steel Garden Roller

Roller Size: 50cm x 40cm diameter.
Water Filled, simple to drain for easy transport in the boot of a car.
Weight is 72Kg full or 13Kg empty.


A lawn roller is commonly used when seeding a new lawn. Prior to laying seed, use the roller to flatten the ground and smooth out areas. After seeding, use a light, empty roller to set the seed in place.

Can also be used for rolling an established lawn prior to mowing which will help with getting an even cut with a lawnmower.

tipsPrior to rolling the area, remove all rocks, twigs and debris from the area. Large bumps should be dug smooth for best results. Prior to seeding or laying sod, the ground may need to be rolled several times to make it smooth.