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Heater and Dehumidifier Hire

Kinch Plant hire a range of Space Heaters and Dehumidifiers in the Oxford, Swindon, Wantage, Carterton, Witney, Cirencester, Lechlade and Faringdon areas.

We are stockests for Flowgas and we can supply bottles for use with our range of heaters or for use with BBQ's, patio heaters, and for camping, caravaning etc. We also sell red diesel. If you can't find what you're looking to hire please contact us as we may still be able to help.

  1 Day Extra Day Week
Space Heaters - 17-58KW £14.00 £5.25 £35.00
Cabinet Heater £6.00 £2.25 £15.00
Dehumidifier - 350W - 18L/24H £14.00 £5.25 £35.00
Roofing Gas Blow Torch £8.00 £3.00 £20.00

All prices Exclude VAT.





Flo Gas Prices

Gas prices Include VAT @ 5%



6Kg Propane £35.00
7Kg Butane £35.00
11Kg Leisure/Patio Gas £45.00
6Kg Leisure/Patio Gas £35.00
5Kg Gaslight/Patio Gas £40.00
10Kg Gaslight/Patio Gas £45.00
11Kg Propane £45.00
13Kg Butane £50.00
19Kg Propane £50.00
47Kg Propane £100.00



red diesel


Red Diesel Sales.

Call for latest price.




1 Day: £14.00 Extra Day: £5.25 Week: £35.00

17-58KW Space HeateRS

Large variable heat output. Ideal for heating workshops, industrial units, marquees and garages. Fitted with propane regulator. A gas bottle can be supplied with the hire at additional cost if required (see above for prices).

Easi Heat 145: 17-35 Kw (Approx 2.8Kg gas per hour)
Devil 1250: 26-44Kw (Approx 3.5Kg gas per hour)
Devil 1850: 27-58Kw (Approx 4.6Kg gas per hour)



1 Day: £6.00 Extra Day: £2.25 Week: £15.00

Cabinet Heater

Portable Gas Cabinet Heater with 3 heat settings . Economical to run, this heater is ideal for heating individual rooms in commercial and domestic settings.



1 Day: £14.00 Extra Day: £5.25 Week: £35.00

12L/24Hour 460W Dehumidifier

The Ebac Powerdri commercial building dryer is the ideal choice for plasterers, decorators and the finishing trade when drying out single rooms and extensions. It's highly manoeuvrable for easy use, whilst still very durable for the construction industry.




1 Day: £8.00 Extra Day: £3.00 Week: £20.00

Roofing Gas Blow Torch

Heavy-duty burners are ideal for drying, bitumen laying and detail work on roofs, road works and other heat demanding applications like preheating before welding, melting snow and ice etc.